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Jenske Sypkens SMit






ID the-graduates-2016-koninklijke-academie-van-beeldende-kunsten-body-image-1466510945.jpg

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Collection 2016


Graduation Collection

The internet and social media changed how we meet the other person for the first time. Whereas it used to be a social interaction between two people in a certain situation, it has changed to a one-way-street presentation online. In the collection Jenske played with the blurr between the real person and the impression of a person online. Creating that blurr was the starting point for the protruding shapes in the silhouettes and with the digital print and colours she emphasises the blurr between the online and offline world. 

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T W O 



Equality is key in a relationship. Open communication and respecting the other are tools to both be equal in the relationship. This sounds logical and simple, still it often appears harder than it seems to be. Even when it will hurt badly, honestly is preferred, as a gesture of respect to the another. The openness shows in the open sides of the clothing, together with see through dresses. The colours are based on the magical shades of blue of the night, in order to reflect the calm but magical feeling of being two persons in a relationship.




Beauty - Truth - Goodness : main principles of the abstract idea world of Plato. According to Plato’s theory, we can only see the physical images of the bigger abstract idea, but the ideas are always present.
As if you passing a city with the sun behind it. You can see the form of the city, but not in detail. The city becomes irrelevant. This is the moment I catch in form and colour. 

I choose to work with the most basic form I could think of, a square, and developed in pieces. The print is an allover print, based on the colour I associate the sun with.